Yoga Sutra

The yoga sutra-s are considered the most authoritative of classical text on yoga. Authored by sage Patanjali, this work presents all the concepts of yoga in 195 aphorisms. Patanjali’s work is fundamentally a very practical guide to the purpose, meaning and objective of our lives as human beings. Patanjali presents the mind as both the source of and the solution to all our difficulties and shows us the means by which we can rise above our baser instincts and progressively refine the mind so that it achieves and sustains its highest possible potential.

Such is the respect given to this work that all great yogi-s acknowledged this work when they presented their own teaching. There is a popular saying that « what is not mentioned in the yoga sutra-s is either not yoga, or probably not important at all ». An understanding of the yoga sutra-s is necessary for any serious student of yoga. To help the many yoga enthusiasts of the modern world, we would like to share the teachings of the yoga sutra through this.