Yoga Programmes

Some of the significant highlights of the teaching are the following :

the entire range of yoga’s tools is utilized in a practical and experiential manner in individual settings, personalized yoga programs are evolved for therapy or general needs group classes are taught with a specific focus that provides individual attention and care Yoga Therapy utilizes an integrative approach that is complementary to other healing modalities. The teachers/therapists are constantly growing and learning through mentoring, personal practice and continuing education programs.

He most common tools used in this tradition include postures (asana), breath regulation (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), dietary recommendations (ahara niyama), lifestyle suggestions (vihara niyama), chanting (mantra), visualizations / affirmations (bhavana), gestures (mudra), and guided self-inquiry (svadhyaya)

The objectives of teachings  include :

– Increasing awareness of Yoga and its many applications especially in the domains of Health, Healing and Spiritual Transformation.
– Promoting and sharing Yoga as a complimentary therapeutic approach both in one to one settings, as well as in specialized focused groups.
– Offering Training programs of the highest standards in Yoga and Yoga therapy.
– Collaborating with other modalities of healing to facilitate integrative paradigms in healing.
– Creating and sharing educational resources that support the understanding and study of Yoga.
– Supporting the network of Yoga teachers and therapist through continuing education. Initiating Research studies to evaluate the – role of Yoga in contemporary health care.